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Alaska Log Cabin Kits from Quality builders of handcrafted, custom built log structures.
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Alaska Log Cabin Kits

Handcrafted custom built log cabin kits, log homes and complete log cabin packages are being delivered to Alaska everyday. Build a Log Cache or add one to your kit to complete that rugged Alaska look and feel.

Companies listed on this page offer precut logs for log cabins in kit form. These kits are ready to assemble at the location of your choosing and cut the time needed to complete your cabin thus allowing you more time for the things we all live in the Last Frontier for. Some of the companies also offer precut notched logs for log home construction also in kit form.

Log Home, Log Cabin and Timber Frame builders, manufacturers and dealers doing business in Alaska includes many lower 48 and Canadian businesses that ship countless kits to Alaska each year. Some of these businesses are the exclusive suppliers to dedicated log builders across the state. Here in the little Alaskan town we live in there are currently two homes and a law office being built with logs shipped in from British Columbia. Another home being built locally is from a log kit that came precut from a company in Montana that has shipped many kits into the local area.

Being Alaska as it is, be sure to include a log cache in your cabin or home kit to really embrace the authentic Alaskan feel in your new property.


Alaska's Cheap Log Cabin Kits from local suppliers located here in Anchorage and from additional locations across the state of Alaska. Keep your cunstruction costs within budget with a complete log cabin kit for your recreational property.